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Hospitality Photography

Why your photography matters.

Introduction to Hospitality Photography

TP Creates: For us to fully understand if this renewable energy sourced car is truly the way forward, we need to analyse the pros and cons of both petrol/diesel and electric cars and if there are any similar aspects in how they are promoted through advertisements.

At TP Creates we take photography in general very seriously, this is due to the fact that it’s the most effective way (especially for hospitality) at showing what your business, depot, house, etc actually physically looks like. Every photo shoot we go on is different. However, they also all have one thing in common, which is the outcome.

We shoot all our photoshoots using a process called HDR (High dynamic range) Photography. This allows for the best and most natural look to the photos we take at your hospitality location. So it’s almost like you are actually there!

Primary Research

I then decided to conduct my own primary research on this matter by creating a survey focusing on a very broad demographic of any gender or ethnicity who was also at an age where they could drive. I asked people a series of questions around what their opinions are on electric cars and the implications around the subject. I started the survey off with more basic questions such as if the person owned an electric car and the general response was no but 77% said they would feel comfortable owing one in the future. After this one of the most diversely answered questions came up which was: do you believe its ever possible to completely depend upon renewable electricity? This had 37.50% saying yes, 16.67% saying no and 45.83% saying not completely backing up my earlier statement saying we don’t have the capacity to go fully reusable.

Woody Hyde Courtyard Interior Photography

Are you asking: ‘Why is this important for me as a hospitality owner?’

When choosing somewhere to stay, a customer chooses where to stay based on what your place looks like. If the photos aren’t good you won’t be able to successfully convey this. What this means is that you may have an excellent-looking place for people to stay at with fantastic surroundings and environments. But, if you don’t convey this through your photographs on your website or on social media, to the average customer your hospitality location is just going to look the same as every other one out there.

Interior photo of a shepherds hut with a table set up with food and drinks

Stand out and be unique!

So, it is vital that you convey how excellent your hospitality place is through your photos in order to stand out and be unique. Most of the hospitality sector is full of photos that don’t really show off the place the customer is looking at staying in accurately or even at all.

This is great news because it means it’s very easy for you to boost your presence in the hospitality sector and stand out because such little amounts of similar businesses have great photos that covey a great feeling to the customer viewing them.

If you want to see the photography and video services we provide, so you can stand out, click here!