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The importance of
Social Media
Part 3

(Impact of social media marketing Part 3 of 3)

Social Media Marketing: Collaboration

Moving on from part 2 of the blog where I spoke about different research methods and discussing what other factors to consider, I thought the best way to start part 3 would be to talk about Social Media Marketing Collaboration.


When thinking of how I could collaborate within this project. I must decide whether this is with the use of peers, sponsors or industries. As well as the relevant benefits and possible problems that could occur in such collaboration. Thinking first of all who I ideally would want to collaborate with my mind drifts towards the likes of Facebook. This is because they are a social media platform and so they have first-hand experience on how social media has transformed branding and marketing because they have the perspective of the social media part of the question that ideally needs answering.

Gym Shark

My other ideal business would be a brand that has been formed due to the current circumstance and foothold social media has on Global Branding and Marketing and how it has affected this brand/ business.  A business which would suit this business model would be the likes of Gym Shark. Gym shark were only ‘formed in 2012’ (Gym Shark, 06/05/20). But have now ‘grown from a screen printing operation in a garage, into one of the fastest-growing and most recognisable brands in fitness.’ (GymShark, 06/05/20)

The reason for this choice is that gym shark have pumped so much of their resources into marketing themselves through social media. Meaning that within only a few years they have grown to on of the biggest fitness business currently around.

More realistic collaboration

However these are my ideal collaborations but the only problem is they aren’t really realistic. If I was to try and collaborate with these ‘giants’ as some might say, it would probably take a very long time to gain a response.


So, a more realistic approach would be to consider finding a small business. Whose marketing/ branding has been affected either positively or negatively by the impacts of social media and document their story. This could be just a local business in Yeovil, Somerset who have recently undergone changes. Perhaps to keep up with the latest trends such as Williamson-Dickie Europe Holdings Ltd. Who recently created a contest on social media to gain more traction for the business.

One doesn’t normally associate social media with Dickies. But the global workwear maker is teaming up with pitcher R. A. Dickey to launch a contest on Facebook, using the social media site to extend its reach. (Chain Store Age, 07/05/20)

Social Media Marketing: Professional Development

Conducting this research project would benefit myself massively from a professional development stand point. As I have a huge interest in marketing and branding individually. So this would research, from hypothesis to conclusion. Would help to develop my understanding of how all of this connects in order to create a strong, functional brand and see the true importance of social media in this age.

Not only would I gain this professional development. But I would also gain confidence in myself. As I would have to be giving lots of presentations on my findings as well as interacting with interviewees. Helping develop a greater understanding of how to behave effectively in order to grasp their fulfilled attention. This would result in a more smooth interaction when discussing the topic of ‘How has Social Media marketing impacted Global Branding and Marketing?’