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Hodders Window Cleaning

Hodders Window Cleaning is a small local firm based in Yeovil, Somerset who pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service!

What is Hodders Window Cleaning?

Hodders Window Cleaning is a small local firm based in Yeovil, Somerset who pride themselves on delivering excellent customer services and competitive rates for all your outside cleaning needs.

They started at the end of 2020, as a branching off business idea from the roofing business named Hodders Roofing. This primary business was formed in 2013 in Yeovil, Somerset by Simon Hodder.

Hodders have worked for a range of customers from domestic through to commercial. They have also been privileged enough to work with local authorities.

They offer a sparkling array of outdoor cleaning services. These include not only window cleaning, but also pressure washing and gutter cleaning!

What services have we provided them?

Logo Design

HWC contacted us regarding plans for their brand new business venture. Of which would be separate from their existing business Hodders Roofing. They asked if we would be able to create a logo design very similar to the existing companies logo however based on window cleaning. Underneath is the finished result!

Website Design

Once the logo was completed, we were given the much bigger task of creating a bespoke and clean website design for Hodders Window Cleaning. In order to display all the services that they have to offer. 

As well as this, they required an about us section letting people know about their existing company, Hodders Roofing, and how to get in contact with both of the comapnies.

Below is the finished product!


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