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Owl Valley Glamping

Owl Valley Glamping is a Glamping Site based in Bideford, Devon.

What is Owl Valley Glamping?

Owl Valley Glamping is based in the picturesque Bideford, Devon, UK. They offer the ultimate backdrop for adventure and escapism for everyone!

What services have we provided them?

Photography & Video

In June 2022, after communicating with Owl Valley Glamping over Instagram for several months, TP Creates and Owl Valley Glamping mutually decided it was time to show off the glampsite in all its amazing beauty!

The best course of action for this was to provide Owl Valley Glamping with a full high dynamic range (HDR) interior and exterior photo shoot which after editing, ended up at just over 150 crisp digital photos!


However, this wasn’t enough. We believed it would also be fantastic to create a showreel of the entire glampsite including its luxurious cabins and winding tranquil pathways to truly express the sense of escapism you get when visiting the glampsite. The showreel is compiled of panning shots of the glampsite, including interior and exterior shots. As well as captivating aerial shots, allowing the viewer to see the entire woodland area the site is situated in.

Check out some of the photos below, as well as the showreel!

Make Your Next Project Unique

From creating a brand new brochure, explaining all the new products you have in stock. To producing a fantastic new showreel showing off your amazing Glampsite for all your customers. Whatever it is TP Creates will bring your ideas to life.