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SEO & Marketing

Start improving the quality and quantity of website traffic going to your website with SEO Marketing.

Let's explain SEO Marketing...

One of the easiest ways to explain to you how we would help fix/boost your SEO & Marketing is to break the whole process down for you into sections. So below is an example of how we would set out to correct your website traffic. Feel free to have a read.

How do I start?

Generally, the best way to start looking at your SEO & Marketing strategy as a whole is by understanding what your business’s goals and target audience are, which at TP Creates we will go through with you, to explain how to tackle this provoking idea. Focusing on this first, helps to increase sales by increasing quality visitors (e.g. your target audience) to the website.

Key Words

After we have completed this initial understanding, it would be a case of researching the keywords people use to find your website and others like yours in addition to analysing any of your key competitors e.g. if you were a restaurant, your competitor would be another restaurant in your vicinity.

Website Audit

A full website audit would also be provided, to investigate what issues there may be on your current website that may be affecting search performance and how these can be improved.

Google Ads campaign

This is an extra that is optional. However think of Google Ads campaign like a life jacket, you would most likely want a life jacket on a sinking ship wouldn’t you?

A Google ads campaign is there to help your business grow for the first few months by improving your websites SEO & Marketing until the organic listings kick in properly and start moving you on up the search results, after that it’s much more down to your SEO and you could choose to remove your life jacket!

Key SEO areas

After this, each month, we would focus on a number of key areas to help improve the SEO and traffic going to your website.

These are:

Technical SEO – Fixing technical issues on the website, such as page speed and broken links, that may be causing an issue.

Social Media – This is one of the best ways to get your page more traction, as it is
the quickest way of getting more content and key information out to your consumer
base. For example, letting them know you now offer a new service such as drone
surveys. (Visit our Social Media service for more info)

On-Page SEO – Making sure that pages are fully optimised for the keywords we’ve
identified. This also includes creating new optimised blog posts.

Off-Page SEO – Gaining quality links back to your website. The search engines see
each link as a vote for your company and rank it accordingly.

Local SEO

For many of you, this will be extremely important as it’s all about focusing locally. In which we optimise your online presence to attract more business from relevant local searches. Restaurant in Yeovil or Restaurant Dorset for example. As well as other key locations in the surrounding area such as Sherborne, Dorchester and Martock for examples.
You would also be provided a full ranking report each month and we can also setup Google Analytics reports so that you can see how the website traffic is increasing.

All that we can offer

Below are all the services we provide, to put it simply.

These services are (but not limited to) the following:

Full website audit
Initial keyword research (including volume, competition and relevance) –
essentially finding out what keywords people use to find sites like yours
Creation of monthly Google Analytics reports
Google Search Console integration
Google My Business optimisation
Meta tag optimisation on existing pages
Add and optimise h1, h2, and h3 heading tags
Optimise image alt tags
Optimising your social media image
Internal page link optimisation
Keyword monitoring
Competitor analysis and tracking
Monthly reporting and reviews
Tracking of KPIs
Technical SEO
On-Page SEO
Off-Site SEO (link generation)
Content creation
Creation of location pages

Make Your Next Project Unique

From creating a brand new brochure, explaining all the new products you have in stock. To producing a fantastic new showreel showing off your amazing Glampsite for all your customers. Whatever it is TP Creates will bring your ideas to life.