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Somerset Shepherd Huts

Somerset Shepherd Huts, based in Merriott, Somerset, design traditional huts bespoke to your requirements, for living and working.

What is Somerset Shepherd Huts?

Aerial photograph of a shepherds hut on gravel, with grass in the background

Somerset Shepherd Huts design huts for living, working and bespoke to your requirements. Based in Merriott, Somerset, they pride themselves on the standard and quality of their traditional Shepherd huts.

Services provided to them:

photography & video

Most frequently our social media service goes hand in hand with our photography service. This was the exact case with Somerset Shepherd Huts.

Photography can be a highly beneficial form of marketing for your business because high-quality photography shows precisely what your business looks like. In this case, showing what the shepherd huts look like.

TP Creates agreed to complete a full interior and exterior high dynamic range photoshoot for SSH and it turned out fantastic! These photos are extremely handy for content across their digital space, be that social media or website design.

Have a peek at some of our favourite photos from the shoot below.

Bed with a small table with scones, strawberries and champagne on it, in a shepherds hut
Bronze tap on a wooden worktop with a sink in a shepherds hut
Up close photograph of a window in a shepherds hut
Scones with jam and cream on a plate with strawberries and champagne glasses
A blue table and flowers in a shepherds hut with a plate of cheeses and bread, another plate of scones and strawberries, 2 glasses of champagne and some cans of Brewdog
Outside photo of a shepherds hut with wooden cladding
Somerset Shepherd huts bathroom in the shepherds hut, including a sink and shower
Champagne glasses on a table in a shepherds hut
Shepherds hut office with a desk and stove
Shepherds hut kitchen with a stove, oven, sink and kettle
Bucket of kindling for a fireplace in a shepherds hut

Social Media Managing

Somerset Shepherd Huts Social Media shown on a phone

TP Creates met with Somerset Shepherd Huts at the beginning of 2022 to discuss taking their online persona to the next level! SSH mentioned they would really appreciate having their social media looked after as it isn’t something they are very comfortable with and also didn’t have other time for. This is a common problem with many businesses and one of the main reasons we offer a social media service is so that you can get on with the important stuff you are familiar within the business.

Since we started managing Somerset Shepherd Huts social media on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn they have gained quite the following within the hospitality industry and frequently get contacted about their various shepherd huts, which is fantastic!


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