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Tamburino Ristorante

Tamburino Ristorante has restaurants in both Somerset & Dorset.

Who are Tamburino Ristorante?

Tamburino Ristorante brings a fresh taste of Italy to the South West of England! Fresh amazing food & drink are built into the core of the business.

What services have we provided them?

Social Media Managing

February of 2022, we approached Tamburino Ristorante, after viewing their social media. We offered them assistance, in order to fully interact with their amazing customer demographic. It has now gained a lot more traction and interaction from viewers on Instagram & Facebook. This is especially prominent with posts showing off the fresh tasty food they have to offer or posts talking about one of Tamburino’s many cheerful employees!


In March of 2022, after recently begining to get Tamburinos social media booming, we decided it would be best forĀ TP Creates to visit all 3 Tamburino Restaurants, located in Street, Yeovil & Sherborne, in order to get a feel for the business and have a tonne of fresh content.

We completed a full interior and exterior high dynamic range (HDR) photoshoot for them. As well as more up close, more detailed shots using our 50mm lens, to capture this.

These photoshoots were a tonne of fun! With over 300 photos taken, below is our favourite 16 photos for each location.

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