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Impact of social media marketing on Global Branding and Marketing part 2

(Impact of social media marketing Part 2 of 3)

Social Media Marketing: Research methods, Methodology and Creative techniques

Going back to part 1 of social media marketing, when TP Creates talked briefly about my research methods. A large factor I need to consider when completing this project: what research methods will be most essential to backing up my points. In order to understand this, I need to understand the reason and use for each method. As well as which would suit my project best.

Social Media BBC (20/04/2021)

Quantitative research

Quantitative research: a method of research that relies on measuring variables using a numerical system. Analysing these measurements using any of a variety of statistical models, reporting relationships and associations among the studied variables. (ScienceDirect, 17/03/20)

Why would this help?

This method would be extremely helpful for my project due to being very dependable upon the data around social media. As well as in order to show how many consumers a social media post can reach. Also how many engagements it can gain compared to other forms of marketing such as tv adverts. These have a much higher starting price than a social post. 

Some examples of this research I would use in my project would be surveys and correlations. Surveys would be particularly helpful because I could have several different marketing strategies and ask the general public questions. Using software such as Survey Monkey, to pick the strategy they thought was most effective.

Social media marketing Survey research

Survey research is the collection of data attained by asking individuals questions either in person, on paper, by phone or online. (techtarget, 15/03/20)

Correlational research

Correlational research is a type of non-experimental research method, in which a researcher measures two variables. Understands and assess the statistical relationship between them with no influence from any extraneous variable.’ (questionpro, 14/03/20)

Ethnography (18/04/2020)

Qualitative research

‘Qualitative method is used to understand people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behaviour, and interactions. It generates non-numerical data.’ (ncbi, 17/03/20)

What’s the difference?

Unlike quantitative research which is based solely off data with little to no interaction with the consumer. This method is quite the opposite and has a lot more emphasis on people’s opinions through the use of ethnography. 

These can be things such as interviews or focus groups. Which, could be equally as useful for discussing where the respondent believes this marketing perception will be heading in the future. As well as if they think it will remain the most effective marketing strategy in terms of reach and cost. Not only could this be done in 1to1’s but also can be conducted in larger numbers. 

Such as focus groups, where everyone gets to discuss their opinions of the question.


‘Ethnography is a type of quantitative research. That gathers observations, interviews and documentary data to produce detailed and comprehensive accounts of different social phenomena.’ (tandfonline, 17/03/20)

Ethnography (18/04/2020)

A focus group interview

‘A focus group interview is a survey method that aims to observe group interaction when members are exposed to an idea or concept.’ (Dibb et al, pp 271)

Which one to use for social media marketing?

If I did decide to go with one of these quantitative techniques I would not only need to think about the questions I would ask in an interview. For example; ‘do you believe social media is the most effective marketing technique?’ 

But also make sure I had the correct standards in place so that I had the interviewee’s consent on this interview. As well as notifying them if they would like their name confidential or not etc. In terms of what sort of interview, it would be, I believe the best approach would be to go with a Semi structured interview. 

This method ‘offers a great deal of flexibility for you as a researcher. You do not have to worry about needing to conduct several rounds of interviews. As your interview protocol will keep you focused on gathering all the information. Which will allow you to answer your research question’ (statistics solutions, 01/05/2020) which is perfect for this topic.

Analysis and Evaluation

After I have gathered all my findings that would be used for this essay. I would begin to separate these different research methods into certain categories in order to have a stronger structure to my essay. 

This would be immensely helpful in flourishing the aim of the essay. Because I would be able to see if there was any correlation in the respondents to these questions across the different age and sex demographics. Which once viewed, I would be able to create an accurate graph, spreadsheet or chart explaining the results of this quantitative data. Then present these findings in order to gain a conclusion of what they mean and how they correlate to my findings of ‘how has Social Media marketing impacted Global Branding and Marketing?’

Age sex structure (20/04/2021)

Social media marketing research categorised

From here once all the research has been categorised and placed accordingly. I would express these quantitative results of the project through the use of a presentation. As this information would be heavily visual. And I believe you get a better understanding of figures when you have something to compare it to and can see these figures visually.

Would these help for researching social media marketing?

For my qualitative research that will be conducted through the use of methods such as interviews and focus groups. I do not believe the same form of media to present my findings would perform well. I believe these findings would be better presented through the use of articles. 

This would be a more direct approach and allow myself to depict and discuss the following results. Whilst also comparing these findings to what my own thoughts were. Explaining whether these findings surprised me or not. Whilst also explaining how they have now affected my judgment on the topic. And if I would have asked the current questions differently if I already had known this information.

Costs (10/05/2020)

Timeline and Costings

One of the biggest questions to ask yourself when forming an essay of this size is: How long each stage will take and what will the costs account to that are involved? Typically, the qualitative research consumers more of both time and money due to needing to conduct research that involves meeting people. This would be the case in my project as I would need to physically meet with interviewees, if I was to produce interviews and focus groups. 

The costing aspect is formed from this because I would need to acquire some sort of venue in which to meet these people and this venue must be a safe and secure institution if I want to gain the best and most authentic results. The other way this could cost me is that I could post an advert out to gain more traction for the interview. People who volunteer to get interviewed could receive some sort of remittance which would add to the overall costings of the project.

Physical Interview to discuss social media marketing

However due to current circumstances perhaps a physical interview is unable to occur. If so, I could form online interviews using different selected software’s that are both free and paid for. An example of this is the currently trending Zoom app. This preserves the core aspect of the physical interview, which is the face to face communication element, which seems to create more genuine responses from the individuals compared to text communication. This overall will account for one of the largest portions of research, considering both qualitative and quantitative.

Quantitative based

For my research that is more quantitative based, physically meeting the respondents isn’t necessary. However, there is the potential for the surveys to be handed out physically to respondents. But you can reach a much larger viewership online using social media such as Facebook or software like SurveyMonkey and can be completed in half the time as physically attempting this. 

Also using social media for my survey helps tie it into the over standing question ‘How has Social Media marketing impacted Global Branding and Marketing?’ Due to showing the sheer number of user’s social media has by using it to get the respondents answers.

SurveyMonkey (12/05/2020)

What to consider

When completing this one of the underlying issues that will be faced are the age demographics. I must consider the age of the interviewees as some may not feel comfortable with being interviewed and if they are not 18 their identity is legally not aloud to be revealed. The other problem is that their legal guardian may not want them to take part. And if they are not 18 that is not up to them and could result in a lot of time being consumed without results.

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