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The Royal Oak

Around the 1850s the Royal Oak received a licence to become a beerhouse. Since then it has had many owners and has now become a great pub!

What is The Royal Oak?

Originally built in the 1600’s as a farmhouse, the Royal Oak was later converted to farm workers cottages. Around the 1850’s it received a licence to become a beerhouse. Nearly 160 years later this attractive thatched pub with its stone walls, flag stone floors and solid oak beams serves more than beer!

There is also a large car park and a spacious patio which makes this the ideal family pub. 

What services have we provided them?

Photography & Video

At the beginning of 2021, The Royal Oak Over Stratton contacted us regarding the possibility of helping to boost their online presence, primarily, through the use of Social Media. The plan ended up going ahead and the best way to start was to come to take an initial set of interior and exterior HDR photos of the pub in order to show it off on social media!

Food Photography

We also decided that it would be a fantastic idea to cook up the entirety of the Royal Oak menu and photograph it for all customers to see on social media.

Social Media

All of this has been combined into The Royal Oaks social media inorder for customers to see everything that makes The Royal Oak the amazing pub that it is! This has helped them gain a lot of recent traction and boosted their down to earth interaction with their customers.

Interested in social media management? Click here or get in touch with us today!

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