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What is Street Talk?

Street Talk’s ethos is in the name, they are trying to get people talking as if you were talking to a friend or even a stranger on the street.

Street Talk is a ‘run by young people, used by young people’ service. With currently over 150 trained volunteers who are on hand, 7 days a week to answer calls of any nature. 

They understand it can be hard to reach out for help sometimes, that’s why their service is completely free, anonymous and confidential. 

What services have we provided them?

Photography & Video

In November 2021, TP Creates was contacted by Oscar Slacke, who is the founder of Street Talk. As well as the man behind the plan of setting up a goal to provide a support service for young people that was relatable, accessible and easier to use than general help/support lines.

Oscar stated that he was giving a talk at the school he used to attend, (Bryanston School) and required someone to film the talk as well as take photos. Of course, we couldn’t say no to this great opportunity to help with such an amazing cause.

The talk was filmed from 2 perspectives in order to create an extremely professional feel to the video. This is because it would be used for promotional use across Street Talks platforms. For the purpose of getting people talking.

TP Creates produced 3 versions of the talk. A full-length cut that included both Oscars presentation and answering questions.

A cut which was just the presentation without the questions.

Finally, a short 1 minute cut of the entire talk, used for explaining what Street Talk does and for the most accessible use across social media.

Check out the full Street Talk video below, as well as some of the photos from the talk!

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