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yeabridge farm hideaway

Yeabridge Farm Hideaway, a Glamping Site based in Somerset.

What is yeabridge farm hideaway?

Inside the Pheasant Yurt at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping

The Hideaway is a Glamping site, situated in the beautiful Somerset countryside, which started welcoming guests in the Summer of 2018. Since then they have had lots of lovely families, couples, and groups to stay from all across the United kingdom!

Services provided to them:

photography & video

Back in the summer of 2020, we began our first project with Yeabridge Farm Hideaway. They approached TP Creates asking for help with showing off their amazing glampsite and how they could achieve this.

The solution we decided upon was completing a full interior and exterior high dynamic range (HDR) photoshoot for them. Allowing to express all their amazing yurts and scenic routes. However, we both believed this wasn’t enough to truly show how great the site is! So, complementing this photoshoot. They received a fully edited show reel, showing just how amazing the glampsite is. This included aerial footage of the site as well as showing the pathway every customer takes to get to the site! Since 2020 we have been back to the Hideaway every year for multiple photoshoots and love it every time!

Outside the Stag Yurt at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Owl statue and portable electric lamp on wooden crate
Inside the bedroom of Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping's Loft named 'Owl Nest'
Outside the Shepherds hut at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Close up of a wooly sheep at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Inside the yurt named 'Hare' at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Birds eye view of Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Outside the Pheasant Yurt at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping
Outside Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping's Duck Yurt
2 pillows with pheasants printed on them, on a navy blue and red bed
2 story loft at Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping

Social Media Managing

The Hideaway Glamping social media managed by TP Creates

November of 2020, we approached Yeabridge Farm Hideaway once again, after viewing their social media and website. We offered them assistance, in order to fully engage with their customer demographic and gain more interaction between the hideaway consumers. Since then their social media has increased drastically across the social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram! This has allowed for many opportunities such as getting a valid general opinion from their customers on topics that need answering. Topics include: ‘if the hideaway was to implement a pool or hot tub into the campsite, which one would glamping customers prefer?’

Website Design

Homepage, Accommodation, and Exclusive Hire, website pages on Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping

At the start of 2022, Yeabridge Farm Hideaway after many years of not being completely happy with their current website produced by a previous website design company decided it was finally time to get a new website that truly showed how amazing their glampsite was. The design TP Creates built is extremely picture driven in order to do as they asked – show off the glampsite.

View the brand new website for yourself by clicking the link below!

The Hideaway Glamping Website

Logo design

Logo design for Yeabridge Farm The Hideaway Glamping

Yeabridge Farm is a business with 3 different and unique sectors and they asked me if it would be possible to keep the current style and format of the Yeabridge Farm logo but make each one of their sectors of the business separate whilst also maintaining a coherent feel.

The solution was 3 logos all with their own style and colour but following the same format to keep them linked.


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